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Welcome to Corfu Sea Land Activities ®

See our Activities

See our Activities

The following page you will give an idea of Activity services

You will have the possibility to sort them out according to various filters like:

a: Kind of Activity

b: Difficulty

c: Duration

d: Distance covered

e: Altitude difference




Let's hope the description & the images will guide you through our sensation!

Tell us your Activity plans!

Tell us your Activity plans!

Would you Like to have a customized / personalized Activity Tour with us?

Would Like to write us directly about your plans withoug getting into our booking system?

Are there any details you 've been wondering about that you would like to further discuss?

Are you making part of a big group of people willing to work something for your team?

What ever question or idea you have, just share it with us!

Photos of our Activities

Photos of our Activities

In the following page you will have the oportunity to see a lot of photos of our services

You will have the possibility to sort them out according to various filters like:

a: Kind of Activity

b: number of shown files

c: Difficulty

d: Duration

e: Distance covered

f: Altitude difference


We do hope our photos will give you the filing of partecipating in them!

Videos of our Activities

Videos of our Activities

In every Activity we provide free Action Cam video service using:

A: GoPro 4 and above

B: Xiaomi Yi 4K and above

C: Professional Photo Shooting Cameras

Partecipate in our tours and you are going to have some digital memories at the end of the day of your Corfu Sea Land Activity.

Your video footage / photos are shipped via 'Internet Cloud Transfer' to your email address.

Video or Photo process varies within the season and can last from couple of days till couple of weeks.

We are talking about a lot amount of data right here, so please be patient.

The sure thing is that our guests will have their memories at the end and sometimes these memories are more fantastic when they come by when not expected!

Our Details

Our Details

Our company services are the product of a mixture between Outdoor Activities / Athletic instructors & Lifeguards.

How do we mix those characteristics?

This is simple.

All of our personel has been in the athletic sector for many years as pros, Or as instructors, while others are occupying themselves with sports the whole year. But all of them have something in common... they are all certified in First Aid procedures for safety purposes.

More over part of our personel has been in the lifeguarding sector for many years and that is why for the aquatic part of our Activities, we tend to use personel trained specially as pool or sea lifeguards. Our collaboation with Corfu's Lifeguard Organization has been stable since the beginning.

We do have to mention that our main target is the traditional hospitality of our land towards guests so we always see to combine our skills for the enjoyment in all our tours.

Alex Gogas, Physical Education Teacher, Greece's National Rowing Team Coach in the Oluympic Games