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Mount Pantokrator Downhill Gravel
#ID #6
Active Available!
Location Mount Pantokratoras
Kind Bike
Family Friendly Suited for family!
Distance (Km/Miles) 14.0 Km / 8.7 Miles
Duration (MM) 120 Minutes
Ascent (Meters/Ft) 300 m / 984 ft
Descent (Meters/Ft) 1030 m / 3379 ft
Max. Altitude (Meters/Ft) 750 m / 2461 ft
Aprox. Calories 450 kcal
Latitude : Longitude 39.75 : 19.87
Level of Difficulty Easy 65% - Moderate 35%
Price per Person 85€
Minimum Persons 2
Discount 75€
Discound Condition More than 3 Persons
Bulk Discound Sorry, not available!
Bulk Disc.Condition Absent!
Gravel (3,13 Miles - 5Km)
This is probably one of the best MTB tour on Corfu Island. It involves gravel, tarmac and the most spectacular panoramic of the Island.
Firstly we have to get on the top of the tallest mountain of Corfu Island. This is Mount “Pantokrator” (Mount Almighty) which is 910m (2950ft) tall. This mountain overlooks the whole island from North to South. It is not strange that monks have used its top for building their monastery.
Our car will transfer us up there along with our bikes. From that mountain we will perform a really long descent all the way down to the east coast of the island reaching sea level.
Initially we will start at around 900m above sea level and slowly descent to around 700m. Lots of turns & stone road will challenge our skills.
This initial view of Greece / Albania / North Epirus sea straights  will be breath taking. The tall hills surrounding our tour will teleport us back in antiquity time, where men use to live almost away from any kind of sea civilization by the fears of Pirate nations.
First 5 kilometers of the descent are on gravel, while the rest 10km will be on tarmac.  By saying this we need to clear out that part of the tour will be a bit slow and part a bit speedy. But  anyways one think is for sure.... we are going to love this remarkable activity!
Tarmac (6,63Miles – 10,7Km)
We will proceed with the descent from 700m to almost 50m above sea level while being only on tarmac. We will enjoy full down hill through unique green areas, trees, bushes, narrow roads & a couple of villages.

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