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Activities / Services related to "AOK"


"Anemomylos & SeaDoo® Sea Scooters"

Easy 100%

Anemomylos” (Windmill) is a famous place inside Corfu Town. Most of the residents of the “Garitsa” suburb visit this place for bath in the summertime, while in the winter some of them, by the name of “The Pinguins" practice winter swimming activities. Our fun will begin by using “Anemomylos” area as a starting point of our snorkeling activity involving electric Sea Scooters (SeaDoo®). Our goal is the “Kardaki” dock, close to an ancient temple of 510 b.C. Sea bottom of the area is full of “Poseidonia” sea plant, rocks and small fishes. After a rest stop at “Kardaki” dock we will end our activity possibly with some diving opportunity given by the existence of a 3m tall wooden dock in the area.

Bike - Hire

"Bicycle Rental MTB - Trekking"

Easy 100%

We are renting 29 wheel bicycles. Category is MTB or Trekking. Our bicycles can be delivered on spot 15-20km around Corfu Town.
Bicycle types

1. Ideal Strobe MTB 29', 24 gears, 34 teeth rear sprocket
2. Ideal Movic Trekking 29', 23 gears, 34 teeth rear sprocket
3. Lombardo Sentiere MTB 29', 23 gears, 34 teeth rear sprocket


"Sokraki Downhill MTB"

Moderate 10%

Easy 90%

We will be transferred by car, us and our bikes, up in one of the most spectacular & green hills of Corfu Island. That would the hill that on top of it, at almost 400m above sea level, “Sokraki” Village is situated.
Before we start our downhill, we will have the opportunity to pay a visit on a panoramic place overlooking the whole part of our cycling route towards sea level.
As soon as we start, the “snake” road, the amazing view of the distant ocean and the “Ano Korakiana” village laying underneath, will strike us deep in the heart.
Afterwards we will rapidly descent passing through the traditional “Korakiana” village, following a big drop, while immediately after the smooth descent towards “Agios Markos” village, will keep us refreshed with the flow of the outdror air.
The road is full of green, olive trees, fig trees, grapes, lemon trees and much vegetation.
Our downhill tour will end at sea level, at “Ipsos” beach, where we are going to enjoy a soft drink and admire the calm sea.

Sup - Kayak

"Kommeno Bay Rowing Experience"

Easy 100%

Let us row in one of the most calm and green bays of Corfu Island. The tour will commence close to the famous chapel of “Candlemas of Christ” while in the distance “Gouvia’s” Marina is clearly visible and full of leisure sea vessels. Our activity will follow the sea path towards the “Durrell’s family Villa” through a visit to the old “Venetian shipyard”.

Traesure Hunting

"Mon Repos Odyssey"

Easy 100%

Odysseus” left troy after the city has fallen into the hands of Greek army of King “Agamemnon”. The Treasure Hunting begins with “Odysseus” and his companions leaving city of Troy on their way back home.
In their sailing back to Island of “Ithaka”, and kingdom of “Odysseus”, they face dangers, monsters, gods, witches and giants.
Help “Odysseus” reach its kingdom resolving the puzzles. On your quest with “Odysseus” meet :
1. Poseidon's Buried Trident
2. Hades Well
3. The Gates of the Unknown World
4. Olympia Road
5. The Shrine of the Champions
6. Olympian Treasures
7. Apollo's Temple
8. Sibligades Passage
9. King Alkinoos Palace
10. Princess Nafsika Rooms
11.Hera Temple
12. Tiresias Prophecies
13. The Olympic Games
This mysterious adventure can be modified for Kids or Adults. All welcomed!

Cruise - Activities

"Speed Boat & Skipper [Vidos & Lazaretto Isles]"

Easy 100%

We are offering Motor Speed Boat service cruising close to Corfu Town  and around the small Islands of "Vidos" & "Lazaretto", where our Sea Activities are taking place involving Kayak, SUP and Sea Scooters for electric propulsion snorkeling. Consider this as a half day tour package with lots of fun.   Engine: 140Hp Cruising Speed: 30 M/H Capacity  : 6 persons Crew:  Skipper / Lifeguard Including: Drinks and Snacks - Fuel and Taxes Dep.Bases : Marina Gouvia


"Angelokastro. BrickLayer Path"

Strenuous 20%

Moderate 80%

In this hike we will be able to immerse ourselves in the era of the early Roman knights. We will visit a unique “Byzantine” (Eastern Roman) fortress and admire the fantastic views of the north west coast on this ramble along ancient paths and country lanes. Built on top of a green hill with very old olive trees, there is an ancient village with a history that goes back to the 13th century A.D. Probably the first inhabitants were craftsmen who have helped in the building of this famous “Angelokastro” (Angel’s Castle). The most important path, the “bricklayer path” connects this castle with a wonderful coast situated on the west of Corfu, the famous “Saint Georges” beach,  small port of the past era, where all the supplies were disembarked before getting into the castle by that path.   Highlight is the “Makrades” village, known for its old architecture,  maintained until today.


"Paleokastritsa & Skeloudi Caves"

Moderate 100%

Paleokastritsa” is a magnificent rocky coastline place on Corfu, with amazing beaches, crystal clear waters & some interesting caves. According to traditions, “Paleokastritsa” was firstly inhabited by Spartans colonists while on their way to Sicily.  A bad weather situation forced them to stay in this place forever. The location was mythologically bonded to “Odysseus” adventure, through Homer’s “Ulysses”. It was here that “Odysseus” was found almost dead and rescued on the beach by “Nafsika”, daughter of “Alkinoos”, king of the island. Nowadays “Paleokastritsa” is very well known as a top touristic destination while still  holding on it’s peek a monastery dedicated to “Virgin Mary” with a couple of monks in it. Our main means of tour in this sea is the kayak, focusing on a extremely nice activity around all the beaches of “Paleokastritsa”. It is just a highlighted tour for really sure!

Swim Trek

"Paleokastritsa Caves & Skeloudi Isle Swim"

Moderate 100%

Paleokastritsa is a location on the North West part of Corfu Island. Sea waters over here are particulary clean and fresh cause of the frequent NW streams & winds while their color is deep blue cause of the depth, which can arrise as much as 25 meters in certain points. These factors assure the casual trek swimmer that enjoyment in the sea is guaranted.
This swim is about completing a big circle all around Paleokastritsa beaches, caves & rocks while visiting the very small isle of Skeloudi, a very well know place for scuba divers.
The Skeloudi isle / rock has two sides. One is shallow and the other is really deep, giving the swimmer the opportunity to look down into all the different palettes of deep blue color. The rock of that isle penetrates the sea onto the ocean's bottom, being an extremely sight seeing by its own. This is actually the place that most of the scuba divers visit for their big adventure. The small isle is at least 200m from the closest rock shore while it's circumference is about 450m. From this isle we will be in position to look to Angelokastro, a knight's castle built in the 11th century on the highest rock of the area.
Leaving Skeloudi behind us, we will be swimming towards the shore and the big rock that holds the monastery of Virgin Mary on the top. Two hundred meters of deep ocean under us will give an almost freezing effect while tons of water are lying bellow. We are actully heading to the most know beach of Paleokastritsa, the Agios Spiridon beach, where the most of the tourists take their baths. In the bay of that beach we will visit an attraction, a big cave. While the most of the tourists apporach this site only by boats, we, on the other hand, will have the privilige to swim in it.
What follows next is the crossing of the bay, side to side, loooking for more rock shore to discovre new colors and uneaven bottom.
Lifeguard escort and RESCUE BOAT will provided for the swim.



Easy 100%

If you are resident of a "Villa" and feel that a more "Hotel" combatible activity is suited for you, then this is the case.
Our trainer will guide you through many aquarobics exercise.