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Activities / Services related to "AOK"


Faliraki & SeaDoo® Sea Scooters

Easy 100%

Faliraki” beach & the sea around “Old Fortress” of Corfu are magnificent places for snorkeling and other sea activities. Snorkeling becomes more interesting especially if it is being performed by the help of electric Sea Scooters, like the SeaDoo®.
Our goal is to dive in the blue waters of “Faliraki” area and then  head towards “Old Fortresses'” high walls.
Visiting the small beaches close to the fallen walls and the edge of the Venetian Fortress the  “Kavosidero”, is a “must do” for our team.
This area is really close to the port and it is one of the ideal for cruise visitors.


MTB up to Achiles Palace

Strenuous 30%

Moderate 70%

We will start from Corfu town, cycling towards “Gastourion” Village Hill, about 4 miles  / 6,3 Km away, following an almost straight paved path with no shorts of any difficult climbing.
What follows next it’s the climbing to this very old village, with its “Achillean Palace” build for Empress Elizabeth of Austria (Sissy).
There we will make a walking tour inside the Palace & have a stop for some soft drinks into a fantastic Café, with a spectacular view of the Eastern Ionian sea.
After that, we will face an easy, fresh and speedy downhill with marvelous cornering down to the sea of “Perama”.
We will continue to follow the seaside road all that way towards the national airport & pass across the sea lake through a narrow bridge, before arriving again in Corfu Town.

Cruise - Activities

Speed Boat & Skipper [Vidos & Lazaretto Isles]

Easy 100%

We are offering Motor Speed Boat service cruising close to Corfu Town  and around the small Islands of "Vidos" & "Lazaretto", where our Sea Activities are taking place involving Kayak, SUP and Sea Scooters for electric propulsion snorkeling. Consider this as a half day tour package with lots of fun.   Engine: 140Hp Cruising Speed: 30 M/H Capacity  : 6 persons Crew:  Skipper / Lifeguard Including: Drinks and Snacks - Fuel and Taxes Dep.Bases : Marina Gouvia

Traesure Hunting

Mon Repos Odyssey

Easy 100%

Odysseus” left troy after the city has fallen into the hands of Greek army of King “Agamemnon”. The Treasure Hunting begins with “Odysseus” and his companions leaving city of Troy on their way back home.
In their sailing back to Island of “Ithaka”, and kingdom of “Odysseus”, they face dangers, monsters, gods, witches and giants.
Help “Odysseus” reach its kingdom resolving the puzzles. On your quest with “Odysseus” meet :
1. Poseidon's Buried Trident
2. Hades Well
3. The Gates of the Unknown World
4. Olympia Road
5. The Shrine of the Champions
6. Olympian Treasures
7. Apollo's Temple
8. Sibligades Passage
9. King Alkinoos Palace
10. Princess Nafsika Rooms
11.Hera Temple
12. Tiresias Prophecies
13. The Olympic Games
This mysterious adventure can be modified for Kids or Adults. All welcomed!

Sup - Kayak

Kommeno Bay Rowing Experience

Easy 100%

Let us row in one of the most calm and green bays of Corfu Island. The tour will commence close to the famous chapel of “Candlemas of Christ” while in the distance “Gouvia’s” Marina is clearly visible and full of leisure sea vessels. Our activity will follow the sea path towards the “Durrell’s family Villa” through a visit to the old “Venetian shipyard”.

Bike - Hire

Bicycle Rental MTB - Trekking

Easy 100%

We are renting 29 wheel bicycles. Category is MTB or Trekking. Our bicycles can be delivered on spot 15-20km around Corfu Town.
Bicycle types

1. Ideal Strobe MTB 29', 24 gears, 34 teeth rear sprocket
2. Ideal Movic Trekking 29', 23 gears, 34 teeth rear sprocket
3. Lombardo Sentiere MTB 29', 23 gears, 34 teeth rear sprocket


Kombitsi Woods Hiking

Easy 100%

A breath away outside Corfu town is a place that does not look like any other on the island. A really green forest stretching from "Viros“ village to "Kombitsi“ village & "Triklino“ area is the place of our relaxing hike. Tall Oaks, Pines  and Chestnuts trees combined with other species of trees & shrubs give the feeling like of a fairy-tale adventurous forest. This pristine area is ideal for walking, cycling not excluded, in the lush vegetation and wildflowers. The most important attraction of "Kombitsi" village is the ruined mansion of the "Kombitsi's" family, noblemen of the 18th century, of whom the village was named after. This "Palace", now a private home, is a P-shaped building with a simple, but elegant architecture, that points to a renaissance convent with arches around its large inner courtyard. Another important attraction in "Kombitsi" area is the impressive, restored Venetian fountain of monumental character, with a very interesting Baroque architecture, from which the village was formerly supplied with water for many years.


Paleokastritsa & Skeloudi Caves

Moderate 100%

Paleokastritsa” is a magnificent rocky coastline place on Corfu, with amazing beaches, crystal clear waters & some interesting caves. According to traditions, “Paleokastritsa” was firstly inhabited by Spartans colonists while on their way to Sicily.  A bad weather situation forced them to stay in this place forever. The location was mythologically bonded to “Odysseus” adventure, through Homer’s “Ulysses”. It was here that “Odysseus” was found almost dead and rescued on the beach by “Nafsika”, daughter of “Alkinoos”, king of the island. Nowadays “Paleokastritsa” is very well known as a top touristic destination while still  holding on it’s peek a monastery dedicated to “Virgin Mary” with a couple of monks in it. Our main means of tour in this sea is the kayak, focusing on a extremely nice activity around all the beaches of “Paleokastritsa”. It is just a highlighted tour for really sure!


Corfu Town e-MTB⚡ SeeSights

Easy 100%

Our tour starts close to the port & initially unfolds itself through the narrow paths of the middle ages Corfu Town, where we will have the opportunity to admire the old Venetian style of construction plus the two “Venetian” fortresses of the town. On the suburbs of Corfu we will be able to pass by the  ancient temples of “Diana”, “Hera” & “Apollo”  of 6th century B.C. Close to them, we will meet two of the oldest Christian churches of the island, functional or ruined, “Iasonas & Sosipatros” Apostole’s temple & the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) “Neragiha” Virgin Mary’s temple, situated by the ancient city walls. But that is not all. Close to them is located also the oldest monastery of the island, the “Saints Theodoros”, 5th century A.D.. We will also visit “Kanoni” (canon) area with its majestic view overlooking the famous “Mouse Island”, the former king’s of Greece Palace, a green area full of thousands of different plants & of course the former British Governor Palace with its ancient Doric style construction, prior to the conclusion of our tour.

Swim Trek

Mouse Island Swim

Moderate 100%

Starting from the beach of "Kanoni" (cannon) the swim is not only reaching the "Pontikonisi" (Mouse Island) itself but also continues around it and then back straight  towards the shore again.
The lifeguard escort is on Rescue Boat following the swimmer/s providing soft drinks and guarding.
Swimming can be done with fins, mask and tube at the max otherwise no equipment at all.



Easy 100%

If you are resident of a "Villa" and feel that a more "Hotel" combatible activity is suited for you, then this is the case.
Our trainer will guide you through many aquarobics exercise.